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Why is Art Important to Our Culture?

Summer's Gift by Anne Kufahl

“Summer’s Gift” by Kansas artist Anne Kufahl
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Art in its most simple terms is communication. It is a different medium to express ideas and to share information. From the carpet pattern we have in our house to the commercials on the television, it can be found all around us. In the modern era, we find ourselves so saturated with ideas through various art forms that we gladly tune out much of what we see putting us at risk of missing something wonderful which can impact our lives on a basic soulful level.

Consider for a moment the pictured painting “Summer’s Gift” by Anne Kufahl. How has the artist communicated with you about this family situation? Do you feel that it is a familiar scene from your own life? Are you curious about what is in the gift? When you spend some time contemplating the scene does a story begin to form? So with this inner dialogue and consideration the picture the artist has created a story in your head without words, movement or even being present.

Other forms of expression such as language can be wrought with obstacles that can make the message difficult or impossible to interpret. But when we consider the image, movement, music our ideas can overcome the barriers of language and culture to be received, understood and appreciated or rejected. The image allows us to communicate complex emotional concepts in a straightforward and meaningful way.  Creating a platform where interpretation depends on both the receiver and the originator making an opportunity where we must stop and consider the ideas presented in order for any message to be received at all.

How often do you think about the art that surrounds you? Do you consider why you are buying that new carpet pattern or why you just bought that monogram piece to hang in your bedroom? Is it because you want to fit into the ideal that the media has told you that you should do? Do you buy because you want to truly express yourself or fit in with the ideal or does that new acquisition feed your spirit because you have made a connection on a deep meaningful level?  How often are we numbing ourselves to the point of stagnation? This is a concern we should all consider because we may be missing stories all around us everyday.

The Information Age has yielded wonderful delights and abilities for us to reconnect with our fellow earthlings.  Yet somehow the easier it has become for us to communicate, the more isolated we find ourselves feeling. We no longer participate in the local social network of going down to the local pub to get the daily news about our friends and neighbors.  We no longer paint on the walls to celebrate the victories of the hunt. Growth and connection with one another is being redefined. The humanity of social interaction is becoming cold, filled with clever memes and pointless posts that we would not usually share with our family over dinner.  Now, I’m not saying this new innovation in social media is bad – what I am trying to point out is that we are so much better than this. This new venue for communication is pregnant with the possibilities for us to communicate on a meaningful level.  Sharing art is one of those fantastic opportunities. Historically, there has never been a more convenient way for an artist to share their vision with more people who can appreciate the work than there is today.

We are in a uniquely vibrant opportunity which seems to have been pounced on by those who were already adept in communication, the media – but it doesn’t have to remain that way. We the people can choose to create our own tribe and share our own vision with the world through this new media. There are whole new worlds to explore if we simply choose to reach beyond the memes and delve deeper into our humanity and truly connect and share the ideas that are soulful.  Communication is key to our understanding one another on a more meaningful way and a universal language is art.

If you don’t know where to start, try searching for local artists with whom you share at least one thing in common, your culture and if you are an artist – it is your responsibility to share your vision so get out there and post those items that say more than a basic meme. Whether you create your own art or find a piece that speaks to your soul, share, repost, rejoice in the message that you have found.  Then consider adding those wondrous images to the spaces in which you live and work. They will continuously reconnect you with their message to everything that makes us human beings in a tangible and uplifting way. Take the time to explore the opportunities. A good place to start your search for an artist is on group sites, where several artists are represented such as a place to acquire affordable fine are prints by Kansas artists or create your own reproduction from your own digital images and to expand your opportunity to share your vision through prints.

Please take a moment to tell us how art is important to your views and our culture.


6 comments on “Why is Art Important to Our Culture?

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  6. Connor
    February 25, 2018

    i love memes

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